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Solutions to spur the collective human spirit!

Mudchips LLC uses technology ("chips") to create disruptive solutions to enable unique people centric enterprises. "Mud" represents this massive potential of the collective human spirit that is so precious yet most often also ignored and left untapped... 


Workforce Management Product for a Digital, Millenial, Disruptive and energy exuding workforce


An Enterprise Feedback Platform that treats a feedback as seriously as a financial transaction


E-Commerce solutions and operations to enable the bottom of the pyramid

Our insipiration

Mudchips LLC is an endeavor to create solution platforms that will convert the proverbial value pyramid into all about being about the “Bottom of the Pyramid”
Human capital, feedback and the power of internet commerce are the three strategic forces that shape Mudchips LLC

Values that define us

At our Core!

Make Great Products

We believe that great products require tapping into stratospheric levels of business process understanding, empathy and human capital nuances…All our platforms have been built after years of research and application

End Users are the First and Only Users

Mudchips LLC understands the power of everything human and humane. It is antipattern to our DNA otherwise. The end user is what we want to exceed expectations of. For us they are the first and only users!

Stay Sane and Green!

Growth needs to be sane, sustainable and not at the cost of the very environment and the ecosystem we are trying to grow from

By the people, for the people

 Hunger to solve, humility in how  tiny we are in this cosmos and a brave heart to still make it a feat in what we do is all that we seek in people we work with and work for…

Company name

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Our Team

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Sangram Bal